Bar-End Heating

Elwarm’s PD15 and PD25 Power Source are suitable for Billet and Bar-end heating. Induction forging refers to the use of an induction heater to pre-heat metals prior to forging using a press or hammer. Typically Ferrous materials are heated to between 1,150 °C 1,250 °C to increase their malleability and flow in forging

Elwarm induction heaters for a wide variety of production rates, sizes, shapes, metallurgical make-up and heated lengths for use in Forging industry for heating of

  • Hot heading of bolts
  • Anti roll bars
  • Mining tools
  • Small crankshafts
  • Camshafts
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic fittings
  • Hammer heads
  • Engine valves
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Bar-End Heating