Tool Brazing

Elwarm’s PC and PD series Power supply units are suitable for various brazing applications. Brazing is a method joining of similar or dissimilar metals by using heat and a filler material with a melting temperature below than the parent material to be joined.

Unlike Flame brazing & Furnace brazing, Induction heating produce intense heat rapidly and precisely over the joint. It is not necessary to heat the entire part. Very little heat is lost by conduction from the joint to rest of the parts which result in better efficiency, elimination of any metallurgical changes or distortion of the parts.

Induction Brazing also stands out in advantage over Gas brazing for its benefits, such as.

  • Selective and rapid heating
  • Precise heat control
  • Suitability for large volume production
  • Highly adaptable for automation
  • Good quality joints
  • High productivity
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Tool Brazing