Shrink Fitting

Shrink fitting applications typically requires power ranging from 3 to 20 kW depending on the size of part, its material and the fit required.

Elwarm Power supply units are used to pre-heat metal components causing them to expand and allow for its insertion or removal. Due to the uniform heating effect, the outer part of the joint expands on heating and contract on cooling depending on the coefficient of thermal expansion of the metal.

Multi-turn coils or thermally insulated cables are wound over the joint to apply relatively smaller power densities over a long period of time to ensure uniformity in heating and to avoid over-heating and hot-spots

Shrink fitting or removal using solid-state Induction heaters are used in various industries like Railways, Machine tool Industries, Steel works, Auto-parts and Power generators manufacturers, for shrink fitting motor-stators, bearings, Gears, fly-wheels, Bolts, Hydraulic actuator pistons etc.

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Shrink Fitting